Scripture tells us to look forward to living in celebration along with people of every tribe and tongue—and so living in a city like DC gives us rare opportunities to understand what the Kingdom of Heaven will actually look and feel like. Through sharing your life with people whose cultural backgrounds and life experiences are unlike your own, you’re granted the chance to see God’s work from a different vantage point—and thus get a fuller picture of his character.

But living life alongside people who are deeply different from you requires Cultural Intelligence: the awareness, social skills, humility and empathy required to thrive with others across cultural lines.

Our Cultural Intelligence ministry is led by Grace Downtown members Alicia Akins ( and Nathan Favero ( Mazaré Rogers ( serves as the staff liasion.  

The ministry pursues these three goals:

  1. Create safe opportunities for our members and neighbors to engage in cultural exploration.
  2. Guide our congregation in becoming more self-aware as it relates to our identity and how we interact with those who are different from us.
  3. Nurture our understanding and affection for others.

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