The places we live are important to God. The Christian faith is the most “place-centered” of all religions. God creates and sustains the place, he enters and serves the place, and one day will renew the place. This is why the Grace DC network's mission is to be “in and for the city.”

While many view Washington, DC, as a career launch pad, or an after-college experience, or a “cool” city with world-class restaurants, theaters and sports teams—we see it as more. While celebrating and enjoying the glory of the city, we also bear its burdens and injustices. We are committed to being servants rather than tourists; supporters rather than consumers; advocates rather than critics. Grace Downtown couldn’t exist anywhere else, because our community and our lives are shaped by the joys, challenges and complexities that come from living in this great and diverse city. The heartbeat and focus of our mission is God’s Kingdom in the District of Columbia, if it’s yours, join us!