We aren't just committed to our city in general—we also care about our specific neighbors and their hopes and struggles. We want to help our neighbors experience healing, comfort and flourishing.

The Bible calls churches and Christian communities “the body of Christ,” his hands and feet working in the world. Wherever he went, Jesus healed the sick, comforted the hurting and empowered his followers to share this new hope with the world around them. Because we are called to be his body in the world around us, Grace Downtown’s members don’t believe our church exists for our own comfort, but rather for the renewal and restoration of our neighbors and our broader community.

Through our day-to-day lives together, we try to equip one another toward lives of hospitality and service; through the organization of our church, we facilitate opportunities to better know one another and welcome our neighbors into our lives.

Specific opportunities to offer or receive support from our community include:


Affinity Groups »

Gatherings for people sharing specific life circumstances, including moms, those dealing with sexual dysfunction and those experiencing chronic pain or illness.


Diaconate Care »

The Diaconate is a group of men and women elected to provide for specific practical needs and help our members and neighbors develop plans for healthier and freer lives.


Upcoming Events »

Many of our events are tailored to meet common needs or answer common questions our neighbors have, including providing opportunities to get to know the city, meet new friends, and learn how to cope with the pressures of life and work.


Partner Ministries »

We work with a host of non-profits throughout the city that are working to make our neighborhoods more hospitable and livable for all of our neighbors.