The church is supposed to be more than just a voluntary club—it's meant to be a new family, held together by awe at what Jesus has done for us on the cross. We like to say that this means that in our church, all members are Godparents. Every member of our church takes part in supporting the growth of the children in our community, whether that means helping out with children's church, watching children in the nursery so that parents can take part in worship, or being positive influences in children's lives in more informal ways.

Our faith also speaks to the importance of an individual family unit within the church functioning in good health, so we offer a host of other ministries and events to help men and women navigate every stage of family relationships, from dating to preparing for marriage to the first years as newlyweds to ongoing opportunities to grow together as parents, partners and members of the broader community.

Programs for Children

Each Sunday afternoon, kids and pre-teens get to connect with peers and older mentors from the Grace Downtown community for this youth group exploring the joys and challenges of growing up in the city.

Children three years old and younger can enjoy supervision and age-appropriate games with Grace Downtown staff members and members of our community. (All childcare staff and volunteers have passed appropriate background checks.)

Children's Church
During each worship service, kids 8 years old and younger get dismissed for age-appropriate activities and discussions led by Children's Church teachers from the Grace Downtown community. Once a month, all kids and teens gather for their own complete worship service led by Rev. Jeff Porter (campus pastor at Georgetown University).

Programs for Adults

Preparing for Marriage
This seminar provides an overview of marriage within the context of the Christian faith, helpful tools for discerning if marriage is a good path for you, and the relational skills a couple needs to navigate the joys and challenges of beginning a married life together. This seminar is presented in the spring & fall and is required for anyone who wishes a Grace DC pastor to officiate their wedding.

Marriage Small Groups
Groups of 3-5 married couples work through a six-part curriculum developed by Grace DC's Marriage Care Team designed to strengthen relationships and help foster conversation about how to love and serve your community as a couple.

Moms' Group
Weekly Thursday morning small group meetings (with provided childcare) form the backbone of moms' group, but these meetings are supplemented with additional lunches, dinners and other social activities throughout the city. 

Parenting Seminars
Annual classes by experts and seasoned families providing forums for learning how to navigate the challenges of raising a family in the city and highlighting what can make city parenting a unique joy.