The struggles, pains and victimizations that are, sadly, so common in this world are dissonant with what the Bible says our world is meant to be. The gospel message gives us the powerful assurance of a restored life, and leaves us with the mission of making that restored future tangible to the people around us now.

If you’re dealing with a personal crisis, be it emotional, spiritual or practical, we long to help you experience relief and restoration.

Our Table

Deacons, deaconesses and members of our Mercy Team offer counsel, prayer and practical help at every Grace Downtown worship service. You can also contact the diaconate >> or consult our partner ministries >>.


Grace DC’s Staff Counselors >> offer professional, compassionate counseling from a biblical perspective.


Grace Downtown’s Prayer Team meets regularly to pray for our church and our city. You can email the prayer team with any prayer requests, and they will be kept confidential and anonymous.

Financial Assistance

If you are in need of financial assistance or would like to ask the Diaconate for financial assistance for someone connected to our community, please fill out this form.