Community Groups are where people at Grace Downtown work out what the gospel message means to their lives. By engaging in sermon and Bible discussions, praying together, building deeper friendships, and intentionally serving their neighborhoods, Community Group participants come to better understand our relationship with God and develop a more compassionate love for our city and our neighbors.

Jesus’ life and preaching affirmed the importance of community: He didn’t just challenge hearts and change lives—he also called people into new relationships with one another and with the city around them. By bringing together groups of ten to twenty people from different backgrounds and walks of life, Community Groups are Grace Downtown’s context for forging these renewed relationships.

Whether you want to get more involved in Grace Downtown or are just looking for a way to find out what Christianity is all about, a Community Group is a great place to start. Each group is dedicated to serving and building relationships in the neighborhood where it meets. We encourage you to find a Community Group that meets near your home or work.

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Guidelines for joining a group:

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