“We acknowledge, Almighty God, that you reign over the whole earth.  Not a sparrow falls from the sky without your permission. All the hearts of the world’s kings are like streams of water whose flow you easily direct.  In Psalm Two, your word tells us, “Why are the nations in an uproar and the peoples devising a vain thing? The kings of the earth take their stand and the rulers take counsel together…He who sits in the heavens laughs, the Lord scoffs at them.”

And Father, we know that you rule over the United States of America.  When things feel out of control, and when confusion and anger are the predominant experiences of many of us in our culture today, you are not frazzled, frustrated or worried.  Your purposes for our country are not thwarted by either the mistakes, or good-but-not-perfect choices of men and women in positions of political power.

At the very same time, you call us to pray, and tell us in your word that your actions are often connected to our prayers.  And you have put us into an American democracy where our votes make a difference, and you would want us to elect men and women who are good people and who make wise decisions.

So Father we pray for this Tuesday’s elections, where many men and women will be elected into positions of political power…in the Senate, the House of Representatives, state governors, and hundreds of more local city offices.

Please give us, your Church, wisdom to make wise, discerning, thoughtful choices when we vote on Tuesday.  Please give this wisdom to your whole Church across our country. We pray that men and women of good character will be elected on Tuesday.

We pray for the many people who are running for office, hoping to be elected on Tuesday.  Father, over the next 36 hours, please help them be people of integrity, who explain with honesty and humility why they think people should vote for them.  Please help them to want, from the heart, to see justice and mercy furthered in our land, and take away from them any lust for personal exaltation and glory.

And then help us at our places of work tomorrow, as we chat with our friends and colleagues about Tuesday’s election.  When discussing politics, give us grace to conduct ourselves as Christians, as those who reflect your character and Your priorities.  When we voice our own personal preferences, help us to do so with sensitivity and humility--as well as with conviction and passion!

This week, when people who don’t know you, spend time talking politics with us, your people, may they notice a difference--a light, a saltiness, an approachability, an ability to agree-to-disagree, and most of all, may they be reminded in the way we carry ourselves that our ultimate hope and confidence is not placed in Tuesday’s election, but in the God who rules the universe, who loves each of us radically and holistically, who sent his dear Son to die for us.

Help them to see in the way we live our lives that there is so much more to life than politics.

We want to be fully IN the world, and thus taking politics seriously; but we also want to be NOT OF the world, and thus not taking politics TOO seriously.”