Welcome to the new Grace DC web site(s).  Yes, change is always difficult but necessary,  So why did we make this change?

Mobile Design & Responsiveness

We want Grace DC congregations to be communities that are welcoming and hospitable to all of our neighbors. While our existing sites were primarily designed for an era when the overwhelming majority of all web browsing happened on a laptop or a desktop computer. Today, mobile devices (smartphones and tablets) are the most common portals to the internet. Our new sites were built to display well no matter what device you are using to view them with.

Sharing is Caring

Every church in the Grace DC network benefits from the synergy and collaboration our leaders, staff and congregations enjoy with one another. Our new websites are built for that, too: All four sites were built together, making it easier to share important news, updates and resources. As an added bonus, we're building out the search function (that little magnifying glass at the top of the page) so that if you search for a specific topic on any Grace DC website, you'll get relevant results from across the network, giving you broader context and insight.

Making Our Most Useful Tools Better

The classifieds on the Grace Downtown website were by far the most visited part of any Grace DC site.  With these new sites, we've combined all of our classifieds boards into a single system making it easier for you to post to or hear from the entire Grace DC community at once. In addition, the new classifieds support the ability to include photos with your ads.

Give it a Spin

We know that if you are used to our old sites, then these new ones might take some getting used to, and there may be some things you liked the old look better. These sites aren't finished works. As we all continue to grow and develop and improve, our plan is to continue to grow and develop and improve these sites, too. In the meantime, we would love to hear your thoughts on the new site.  Email me at accountant@gracedc.net.

In Christ,

Keith Moore
On behalf of the Grace DC staff