Andrew Russell shared this poem in his sermon on Sunday, July 1st as he exhorted us to consider the beauty of Jesus.

He opened not his mouth 

He hung there in the broad daylight,
like rain on a warm summers day
I was surprised,
how could this man be crucified?
He never told one lie
He spoke truth like wine…Intoxicating
He could captivate you with his stories
Like a painter whose brush was his tongue
He could heal the most terminally sick with just one breathe
And yet he hung…there, silent
Many hurled words at him,
like cold hailstones the size of bowling balls
They screamed, “Liar!” “Fraud!” “Imposter!”
“This man said he was God and can’t even save himself!”
Jesus could have retorted back with a voice like thunder,
“Do you know who I am? Do you know what I can do?
Do you realize that I am hanging here for you?
I was despised for you, rejected for you,
I cried for you before you even knew my name.
Because only my death can cleanse you from your stains,
the stench of pride you hold deep inside your chest
like a bullet proof vest…
You could never bring yourself so low as to confess
that you need me…”
But Jesus never said these words,
because he opened not his mouth
And then before he breathed his last,
I saw beauty speak as I held my flask
I was the drunken man despised like him,
I’ve lied, I’ve cheated, I’ve stolen, I’ve sinned;
but not like him, not this innocent man
Nevertheless, like I said before, Beauty spoke
Like the fragrance of spring coming through an open door,
Jesus said these words in a crystal clear hue
“Father forgive them, for they know not what they do.”
His lifeless body hung there on a tree
and for the first time I understood
that God was doing this for me.


By Andrew Russell, 6/27/18