What does it mean to live in Washington, DC? How does the past shape the city we have today? Traditionally considered Chocolate City due to its cultural makeup of primarily African Americans, DC has a complicated and fascinating history marked by demographic shifts.

What roles have churches played, and what role should our church play?

Come hear from Dr. George Derek Musgrove, the co-author of Chocolate City: the History of Race and Democracy in the Nation’s Capital. After his talk, there will be ample time for Q&A. This is an incredible opportunity to engage with a local expert and consider these questions as a community.

Date: Saturday Feb 23

Time: 11:00 am-1:00 pm. Feel free to join us for lunch to continue the discussion afterward!

Location: Grace DC Church Office, 637 Indiana Ave NW

Books: Available for sale

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This is a joint event planned by the Cultural Intelligence (CQ) ministry at Grace Downtown, the Cross Cultural Group at Grace Meridian Hill and also Grace Mosaic.



Chocolate City: the History of Race and Democracy in the Nation’s Capital:

Monumental in scope and vividly detailed, Chocolate City tells the tumultuous, four-century story of race and democracy in our nation's capital. Emblematic of the ongoing tensions between America's expansive democratic promises and its enduring racial realities, Washington often has served as a national battleground for contentious issues, including slavery, segregation, civil rights, the drug war, and gentrification. But D.C. is more than just a seat of government, and authors Chris Myers Asch and George Derek Musgrove also highlight the city's rich history of local activism as Washingtonians of all races have struggled to make their voices heard in an undemocratic city where residents lack full political rights.

Dr. George Derek Musgrove:

George Derek Musgrove is an Associate Professor of history at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County. He is the author of Rumor, Repression, and Racial Politics (U. of Georgia, 2012) and co-author, with Chris Myers Asch, of Chocolate City, A History of Race and Democracy in the Nation’s Capital (UNC, 2017). He is currently working on a web-based map of the black power movement in Washington, D.C. and beginning a book project tentatively titled “We must take to the streets again”: The Black Power Resurgence, 1982-97. Derek earned his Ph.D. from New York University in 2005.  He lives with his wife and two sons in Washington, D.C.