Grace Downtown will dedicate the week of March 11-17 to prayer for the purpose of seeing God's hand move in our church and in our city.  

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WHY?  We are a community called and committed to prayer. We believe that prayer is one of the most unexplored areas of the Christian life, and the purpose of this week is to explore the depths of prayer in each other's homes, because we realize the power of corporate prayer among God's people. We will not see God's promises fulfilled in our lives and in our community until we pray them down.

HOW? The bible tells us if we pray according to God's will, then we can expect God to answer us.  If you don't know how to pray, then this Week of Prayer will be like a prayer bootcamp in which you learn how to pray!  As we gather around the city at various host homes, we'll have someone leading prayer in each location.  Some ways you can participate: listening and joining your faith to others; praying out loud; reading scripture to aid us in our prayers.

WHAT? The Week of Prayer gives us an opportunity to rearrange our schedules to covenant with God and each other that our church is a house of prayer. We will have prayers for healing, repentance, direction, etc.  Check back for an opportunity to submit prayer requests.  

WHEN?  We hope to offer host homes each morning at 6 am and evening at 7 pm each week day, prayer brunches on Saturday, Teach Prayer Brunch on Sunday 1 - 3 pm and a special Kingdom Prayer Sunday at 4 pm at CCC.  

WHERE? Our immediate need is hosts.  Do you live in DC and are willing to host a morning or evening prayer time? 

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More details to come.