Pastor Russell delved into the humanity of Jesus Christ. We might think that Jesus had an unfair advantage, but in Christ's humanity, he had to depend on the Holy Spirit. And we do too!

Being fully human, Jesus enjoyed things such as a good food, laughter around a table, a fine glass of wine. These things he approached with joy mystify and challenge us. How do we enter into this joy?

When you consider all the damage anger has wrought in our world--genocide, murder, assault, slander, verbal abuse--we must ask: can anything good come of anger?

God became human in the person of Jesus, so we could know him. We often focus on knowing Jesus' teachings, miracles, and suffering--but what about his feelings? To know God is to know his feelings.

Throughout history, the full humanity of Jesus has been questioned and debated. But there is more at stake than theology. It's a matter of knowing God understands you.

Mr. Samuel Kim examines Psalm 42 with this in mind: when anxiety builds inside you reach down and remember all that God has accomplished. Hope is not rooted in internal or eternal but in God alone.

All who have accepted Jesus as Lord and Savior are bound for a eternal destiny of beauty. For now, Destiny's Children struggle in a world of ugliness, but God has made all things new and beautiful.

Humans desire nearness with others and being known by others-intimacy. We are daily drawn to counterfeit versions of intimacy which never satisfy. Advent promises the recovery of true intimacy.

Pastor Russ Whitfield exhorts us to hold onto the check God wrote to us concerning his joy. By focusing on God's promise, we will be able to push through anything that separates us from him.

Pastor Andrew explains how mercy is God's tender compassion to those in need. The parable of the Good Samaritan explores the implications of mercy.

Many churches refer to their ministry to the poor, widow, orphan, and immigrant as “mercy ministry”. The Bible more often refers to these as “justice” ministry. Are we missing something?

Pastor Glenn Hoburg reminds us that anyone who reads of the life of Jesus can see he served tirelessly, yet he never burned out. How is that possible? What can we learn from him?

We live with a daily gratitude to God as the peace of Christ rules over our hearts and the word of Christ dwells in our hearts.

The fullness of what it means to be the image of God is too rich to be fully realized in a single individual. The fully furnished image of God is found in a reconciled diverse community.

Every human being is made in the image of God and for this reason everyone has individual dignity and worth. An individual's dignity and worth is rooted in being God's image bearer.

Pastor Irwyn opens the discussion on what the Welcoming Church looks like by delving into the Beauty of God. God's beauty is found in His simplicity and in the unity of His diversity

Pastor Glenn Hoburg explains how the mission of God and the promise of God go hand in hand. The promise of God becomes more critical, especially when the mission of God becomes more challenging.

Pastor Mike Park exhorts us to have the mind of Christ in order to build a community that expresses the fullness of the gospel in our city and among one another.

Pastor Glenn Hoburg reveals how spiritual growth occurs in the Christian Faith. Unlike beliefs outside of the Christian faith, spiritual growth doesn't begin with duty, it begins with a promise.

Pastor Glenn Hoburg reminds us that confidence in our own abilities or promises to anything apart from God will not help up overcome temptation. We must rely on the promises of God to overcome!