Pastor Glenn Hoburg expounds upon the dichotomy of being a child of God and the afflictions that come upon us. How do we reconcile both the blessings and the discipline of God in our lives.

Pastor Glenn Hoburg discussed the times when we ask God for something we desire, we try to prove our worthiness. The Bible offers a better strategy: appealing to God's character and promises

Pastor Glenn Hoburg delves into the Christian Faith's teaching that believers will gain a great inheritance. What is in store for them?

Pastor Glenn Hoburg discussed that everyone builds their life on a promise, but most people are not aware of it. What does a life built on God's promises look like

Pastor Glenn Hoburg shared about lessons learned from his trip to Israel and 6 week sabbatical. He was reminded of the importance of real world religion and that only God can truly quench our thirst.

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